Jeffrey Koterba’s Cartoon Caption Contest

September’s Toon

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I truly believe that everyone’s creative. So here’s your chance to let your inner-cartoonist go wild with ideas.

That’s right! It’s time to turn over the caption duties to you! Each month, I’ll post a new drawing that’s in need of a caption, and it’ll be up to you to come up with the wittiest, cleverest caption you can.


• Keep it short. (Brevity is the soul of wit.)
• Keep it clean.
• Submissions must be made by September 14th.
• Winners will be announced by September 21st.


The winner will receive:
• Signed print of the toon with your caption
• $50 Amazon gift card to fuel your next creative project
• Our collaborative toon published for all the world to see.

Runners-up will receive:
Their caption and name posted alongside the published toon.

*USA only **One submission per person


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