I’m a Speaker.


Giving a talk is one of the most vulnerable things a person can do. At least that’s how it is for me as I dive deep sharing my creative process, but more so delving into the obstacles and vulnerabilities that make me a creative, often learning something new about myself in the process and sharing that with my audience.


TEDx talk on how embracing our vulnerability can expand our creativity

Speakers Bureau

Represented by MidAmerica Speakers Bureau


Nominated for a Heartland Emmy

Panels and Talks

Spoken at Comic-Con International & various medical schools, universities, and social groups

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I inspire audiences who want to enrich and deepen their creativity—perhaps they’ve felt blocked due to a personal obstacle or an outside force. In my talks I make myself vulnerable and take the audience on a tour of my quirky brain, and the way I think and work, all the while demonstrating how embracing our challenges can lead us all to greater creativity and to think in new and unique ways.

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