Jeffrey Koterba’s Cartoon Caption Contest

September’s Winner

Kathleen Molenda

Congratulations to Kathleen Molenda for winning the September Jeffrey Koterba’s Cartoon Caption Contest! I truly believe that everyone is creative and wow, did we have lots of wonderful entries. So many, it was difficult to choose just one winner.

For her caption, “Dancing with the the stars.” Kathleen wins a signed print of the cartoon including her caption, along with a $50 Amazon gift card to fund her next creative project.


New caption contest coming October 1st!

Honorable Mentions

“The Martian Mash… it was a galactic smash!”

– Alex McCrae

“And that’s our version of DARK SIDE OF THE MOON!”

– Jim Dooris

“Twiddley dee, twiddley dum, space tourists–here they come…”

– Steve Tarter

“We’ll need universal adaptors for the electric guitars on our multi-galaxy tour!”

– Mary Lu Weiland

“Org soon realized that six strings on a guitar aren’t nearly enough.”

– Steve Jordon

“The craters are alive with the sound of music…”

– Daniel A Hennessy

“LunarPalooza 2022”

– Jean Hanson

“We will… We will… MOON YOU!”

– Chuck Clore

“The billionaires have been tipping way better than the astronauts.”

– John P. Ashford

“The billionaires from Earth have cancelled their visit!!!”

– Leon Brown, Jr.

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