Baby Steps and Giant Leaps

November 14th, 2014

Some days I feel lucky to have just one good idea on the drawing board. Other days, I’m blessed with an embarrassment of riches. The spectacular Rosetta mission inspired a wealth of ideas, but I only get to draw one for each day’s editorial page. At first I was thinking about this concept:alt="Koterba Rosetta"


I had drawn those two aliens before, in August of this year, and was thinking the above cartoon might make for a fun companion to the first:

alt=Koterba comet"


But perhaps revisiting those two aliens would have been a baby step. I needed to say something bolder. As much as I adore NASA‘s accomplishments, it was the European Space Agency that landed a probe on a comet, not NASA (although, yes, NASA did contribute to the mission). It’s not that NASA hasn’t made great strides in recent years, but…where are the giant leaps? Here’s the cartoon I went with…

alt="Koterba NASA comet"