Quiet No More

July 30th, 2012

Although it’s been six months since Prairie Cats decided to take an indefinite hiatus, I haven’t exactly been keeping quiet. Last month I dusted off my mandolin for a series of performances in Nebraska with Kentucky-based singer-songwriter, Andrea Davidson. Andrea is a triple threat: she writes great songs, she’s a terrific guitarist, and best of all, she possesses an incredible voice. Most recently, Andrea and I filmed a music video with award-winning filmmaker, Dana Altman, and Grammy-nominated sound engineer, Tom Ware. Although the video is still in the editing process, here’s a photo from the film shoot…


Jeff Koterba, Andrea Davidson, mandolin, music, guitar

Photo courtesy of Christine Brandt


I’m also excited to announce that my son, Josh, and I, will soon be joining forces to write and record a few songs, possibly even an EP. Josh is a gifted singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and sound engineer. He records and performs as Sail by the Stars.¬†Although we’ve played music together before, we hadn’t written anything as a team until last year. To write a song with one’s son is a thrill that cannot easily be expressed. As his dad, I’m proud of him. As a fellow musician, I’m in awe of what he creates.