Kind Gestures

April 9th, 2012

I’ve been hit by lightning. My cartoons have flown in space. And yet, one of the most surrealistic moments I’ve ever experienced had to be watching myself twitch on the big screen—when I was able to watch, that is. Truth be told, there were moments when I had to close my eyes during a recent screening of the new documentary, Voluntary Gestures, by Stefan Morel. I mean, it’s uncomfortable enough listening to my voice in the recording studio when working on a new song. But watching myself twitch? Tough. Yet, what did I expect? The film is about the connection between Tourette’s and creativity.

Filmmaker Stefan Morel and I first met a year ago when he came to Omaha to spend a week with me, his camera in hand, always at the ready. I trusted him from the start and we quickly became close friends. Stefan is an artist, and what he’s created—from what I’ve seen—is beautiful. And apparently, others who have seen the film agree. At its premiere at the Omaha Film Festival, Voluntary Gestures won two awards including the Audience Choice Award for a short film.

I’m also proud that the film allowed me the opportunity to work with the talented, Josh Koterba, who happens to be my son. Josh and I recorded much of the music for the film. What we didn’t record came from my band, Prairie Cats.

I would also like to thank all of those folks who came to the festival and shared their kind words about the film. For those who have asked when and where they can see it: at present, Voluntary Gestures is being submitted to film festivals around the world which, at this time, precludes general distribution. However, at some point down the road, it’s my understanding that Voluntary Gestures will be available to a wider audience. When that happens I’ll be sure to let you know.

In the meantime, here’s the trailer…Enjoy!