December 14th, 2010

Recently my father and I were hanging out and I asked him which comic strips he was reading these days. He mentioned a half-dozen or so. By coincidence some of his favorites happened to be mine, too. One of the strips he enjoys is Zits, written by Jerry Scott and drawn by Jim Borgman. I happened to have a copy of the World-Herald with me so we opened it to the comics page. The first thing my eyes went to was the last panel of Zits. I recognized the skyline even before reading the word, “Omaha.”

I have to say, it was very cool, but surrealistic to see another cartoonist capture Omaha’s downtown skyline. After all, I’ve been drawing some of those buildings my entire career as a cartoonist.

Lucky for me, Borgman is a friend. I immediately sent him an email, telling him how much I enjoyed the strip. Even luckier, the original arrived in my mailbox. For anyone who’s ever wondered how large an original comic strip is, here it is, in relation to one of my drawing pens.